Family and holidays


As Christmas draws near there are just a few things I already know. That I want to remember for next year.

I know for one I’m not getting my other knee done around the holiday. Maybe September? I thought I would have the brace off after two weeks but, I was sadly mistaken. I’m glad it’s done but it has made it hard to get things done. Christmas shopping has been horrible because not all stores have electric carts, and those that do have them… Well let’s just say the wrong people are using them and I have to wait for it.

Also next year I am putting my foot down and I’m doing Christmas the way I want to do it. To hell on what everyone else wants. My lil one is going to be older and will start to understand it a little more and it’s time I instill our family traditions for this family. Therefore, we ARE going to Christmas eve church. I have never been, and I want my lil one to understand what this holiday is really about. We have to miss it this year because of my side of the family. Not next year. Also Christmas day we do not go ANYWHERE! Lil one should get to open his presents that day and I want us to have a family breakfast and dinner. Those are my most fondest memories just hanging out at home with my sisters and brothers. Playing with what ever we got. I want lil one to have that. This year we have to make a 4 hour track to visit hubs side of the family, thought we weren’t going, especially with my bum knee and yet I was told by MIL to suck it up. You know what I don’t care who is “dying” or who is looking forward to seeing us we ain’t moving. If you want to see us you come to our house at whatever time I say. I’m not a little girl anymore who you can just walk on and tell what to do. I have a kid I work and pay bills, and I have my own family. No more bending over backwards for others. Take it or leave it. I need to be strong for my lil one. So to those first time families make the choices you want for your family, cause that’s what matters. I will remember this next year.


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