The big switch

So I’m going to be a stay at home mom. There I have said it. It’s been a little nerve racking coming to this decision but I have made it.
My hubs is totally supportive. And I can’t be more in love with him for that. It’s been tough because in society and the life I was taught it is barbaric to do this. I was taught you go to school which I have and get a job which I did because you don’t need to “depend on no man” and I’m a very independent girl, ask my hubs it’s been hell not fully being able to do what I want since knee surgery. And I don’t want to be that black girl without a job. So that’s part of my struggle leaving that so called independence behind and depending on my husband.
But when I think about it I still have my independence I still can come and go as I please I’m the one who is in charge of the home and in that stance I’m independent. And to that black girl, I am very educated and I have great work ethic, and I’m staying home to raise my kid so he is a contributor to society. He could be president one day. Thanks Mr Obama!

The other struggle I had was not continuing to the income. And with the way today’s economy is some would call be crazy. Hubs and I realized before we had lil one that we were never going to be “financially stable” and if we waited on that we wouldn’t have lil one. And life is so much better with him. So what we don’t get to go out to eat all the time and wear walmart brand. That’s not what life is about. And part of my job is to find where we can cut cost. Coupons are one of them, making food stretch is another. We will make it.

My final struggle was quitting. And I haven’t done that yet but plan to do it soon. I love love love my job. And I’m pretty darn good at my job. I feel so bad because the family I work for is wonderful and I love the little girl I take care of. I will still see the family and help anyway I can.

In the end I have to think about what’s best for my family and not others. That’s what life is really about. My son was not doing good in daycare always sick. Crying. Sucked. I’m good at teaching so I’m going to use that trait for MY baby. He’s learned so much already. He has a schedule and is doing pretty well. I get to take care of my hubs better. No more 10:00pm dinners and if you want to admit it or not sex is a part of a healthy relationship, and I’m not so exhausted at the end of the night. So my hubs is even more happy and our relationship is stronger. We get to talk and he’s not falling asleep on me cause it’s so late. Things are stronger between us. I’m loving the projects I get to do with lil one and watching him grow, and that I’m teaching him,and that I’m not up too late cleaning, or spending weekends doing it. I might even take up baking.
My family is thriving and we all are so much happier, I know that I have made the right choice. I know it’s not going to be easy always and roses. But I know this is what is right for My family. Wish us luck



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