All jumbled

Let’s just start off and say that my house feels so empty when my sweet boy isn’t home.

After the second day of him being at his ninena’s ( nana ) I was missing him. I was realizing how quiet the house was, and while most people would relish at that I became sad. He brings happiness to our lives. It was like part of my heart was gone. And now that he is back I am over come with this happiness. I can say again that I’m complete. My baby is home.
I feel like we can now start a new chapter in our lives finally our lives I’m not taking care of someone else’s family I can take care of mine. It is bitter sweet leaving my job, I’m a little upset by the return email I received from a person who wasn’t just my employer but I thought was my friend. But we won’t go into that. She’s got to do what’s best for hers like I get to do what’s best for mine.

Don’t over analyze….. I’m trying not to. My head, my thoughts, my feelings are all scattered. Don’t over analyze ….

I do know that my sweet boy is home. My heart is complete with the loves of my life surrounding me and I’m looking forward and ready to start this new adventure as a sahm. IM READY


2 thoughts on “All jumbled

  1. Congrats on having your own little spot on the interwebz!
    I will read in whenever I can. I love this last post, I love how you’ve written it and I can totally relate.
    After my second child I quit my job. Being a SAHM was hard, but also wonderful.
    Keep writing, xo Mirjam

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