A new look

Everyone says that your life changes forever when you have a baby. I totally agree. Everything changes! Your body, your relationships, but most of all the way you view things. No one ever told me that.
Take movies. I have recently watched a few movies lately that I hadn’t seen in years, and it was like I was seeing them for the first time again. I watched Dumbo recently and wow. Not the movie I remembered. Most of all because I didn’t look at it through Dumbo’s eyes like I did when I had first watched it. I was filled with emotion the first time because I knew what it felt like to be made fun of and taunted and picked on. All that emotion was running high at that time. This time when I watched it for some reason I looked at it through Dumbo’s mom’s eyes. I think this movie hit me harder this time. I was right there with her when she finally got her baby and she loved him even with his big ears. I wanted to fight too when they were talking bad about her baby, but most of all I cried when she got locked up and couldn’t hold her baby. That was the most emotional part of the movie.
So go and rewatch a movie you watched as a kid and see how you see it differently

baby of mine



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