So I thought I would write an update about being a sahm. Can I just start off by saying I LOVE IT!!
I mean it’s everything I wanted to do and more. My lil one is growing so fast and I’m so happy that I’m not missing out. We are getting our groove. We go out so some times to play


And when we don’t get to play outside. Seeing that the weather can’t make up it’s mind I get some crafts for him to do

Hiding toys in jello


Or homemade finger paint


But I’m also learning that it’s not just about being wrapped up in him. I get to do something I love doing, and that is creating a great meal


And taking care of my family. Now don’t get me wrong it is a very tough job. Cranky baby all day, moody dogs, and a tired hubs can wear a girl out. And I don’t really have any ” mom” friends. Which makes me a little sad. But I’m coming to terms with that seeing that I’m a shy person so it’s awkward for me.
I’m also starting to get over the guilt of not working. I think it will always be there it’s part of the territory, but I think as a mommy you have to pick which mom guilt you want to live with, and I couldn’t live with missing out.



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