2012 and scared

As I sit here watching my lil one sleep and thinking of the future I am scared. Scared to death for my son.
He is a mixed baby. We will call him brown, because in the end he is tanner than his dad.
I always knew that if I had a son there would be things that I would have to teach him about life that my peers, even his dad would never understand. I thought it would get better though, that even though I would have to teach him things it wouldn’t be that bad. Boy was I wrong. It seems though it’s getting worse. It’s 2012 and racism is getting worse.
What the hell?
Yes we have our first black president what a wonderful thing to say America, but that’s as far as the buck goes. We have someone’s little boy unarmed getting killed because of what “he looked suspicious” no the correct the is because he was black. That could be my son. He is brown and we live close to the upper class and what cause he was walking home in that neighborhood he can get killed too.
And now we have idiots shooting and killing 5 black people because his dad was killed by a black person. Umm hello if black people were to kill a white person for every family member we have had killed because of a white person… Well let’s just say we wouldn’t be a minority anymore. Once again that could have been my son minding his business.
I just don’t understand. We are going backwards not forward. It makes me want to keep him in a bubble and I know I can’t.
What can I do for my son? I don’t know? Move.?? Canada and England are looking pretty dang good. Anything for my son.



6 thoughts on “2012 and scared

  1. Hi..I’m Michele, I’m a mother of 3 white kids..2 boys..they’ll b 14 and 12 in August and my daughter will be 6 in November. I just want to say that every Mother I know has the exact same fear! It doesn’t matter where you live, or who your neighbors are, or what race you are. But this IS the world we live in. You have to teach your child everything you know. How to be smart and cautious, how to defend himself, teach him about strangers. If he has questions answer them honestly..you have to install good qualities in your son so he can look for the good qualities in his friends when he gets older. You have to tell him about the bad people in this world and what they can do. But also tell him about the GOOD in the world. You have to know where he’s at and with who! At all times! No exceptions those are the rules! And there will be consequences if that’s not followed! Then you tell them why…and about bad people again. The fear and what ifs never go away…but as long as you put all your knowledge into your son, you have to trust that everything is going to be ok…the fear will always be there…but it will fade some…go outside and play with him..take walks, ride bikes etc. I think the only time you should move is if you don’t like your house or your neighborhood isn’t safe for anybody…I wish you peace and strength…and be confident in who you are and in your son, and where you live.

    • Thank u for the kind words. In my head I know all this. Just it seems things are getting crazier I know the media sucks but wow. I’m afraid of what’s next. It’s nice to know that there are people raising their kids right, my son has a fighting chance . Thank you once again!

  2. Oh sweetie, I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but I don’t. I wish our world wasn’t this way at all. The more we try to pretend that racism doesn’t exist, the more it becomes a problem. My goal for the girls is to keep having conversations whenever I can about how to treat others with dignity and respect, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. I want to keep having the tough conversations with my extended family members and friends to stop the racist and sexist jokes that aren’t funny.

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