Siblings and best friends

Yes I have baby fever. I love and miss being pregnant. We won’t start trying for another year and I can’t wait. I will miss the time I get to spend with lil one, and I worry how he will handle it. He’s such a mama’s boy and I love it. I wonder if I could possibly love another the way I love my lil one now, but I know, that after all that, I want more kids. I always wanted a big family. And I want hope he is as close to his siblings as I am.
My mom has and still makes huge mistakes with us, ones that I will never make with my kids, but I’m so grateful she had more than just me. Besides my hubs my big sister is my best friend. The person I can just talk to and be truthful to. She’s my rock my support. She’s the one who has been there through the worst parts of my life and the best parts. If something was to happen to my hubs and I she will take care of my lil one. If I’m in a jam she’s always there and I never take her for granted.
I do want to debunk a myth that for some crazy reason people have. Just because kids are born close to age doesnt mean they WILL be best friends. Think I’m doneoverthat one. My sister and I are 5 years apart, born in the same month. Now when we were younger we fought, and I remember thinking at some point I thought she hated me, but through all of that, she was there. She beat up bullies I had and taught me my ABC’s even though I skipped n (?) she taught me to ride a bike, even though she let me go and cool tricks on roller skates.

She was there during the most traumatic time. I vividly remember two things. The nurse saying he’s gone, and at his funeral walking out the funeral home finding her and she holding me as I fell apart.
She was my matron of honor and there for my lil ones birth. That’s what I see siblings as. When all family fades away they are the ones still stand supporting u in everything u do. Your cheerleader in life. After all; your parents have done their part, and if you are lucky enough to have a partner you have to be able to vent to someone about them.

I talk to my sister everyday, and I don’t know where I’d be without her.

That’s why I want more kids. So that when I’m gone, even if my kids don’t have a partner they will have each other.

This one goes to you, my best friend, my big sister.



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