Mama’s boy

So today while lil one and I were viewing an a new place to live, my lil one started to have a tantrum because we had to come in. I ignored it and let him do his thing, then he came over and asked to get picked up. So I picked him up. The lady showing us the place said “See he’s all done, he just wanted his mama. He must be a mama’s boy,”and I said very proudly “Yup!”
I couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the viewing. I kept thinking about how proud I was that my son is a mama’s boy. And someone else noticed
Weird… When I met my hubs he was a bit of a mama’s boy and it drove me insane! Now as a mommy I love it I can’t explain…
Yes I can; I’ve came a long way. When I first had lil one I got really sick and hubs had to do most of the caring. I felt like a failure. I wanted so bad to care for him and I just physically couldn’t. I told myself when I got better I was going to make it up to him. And I think I have. I know I won’t ever get those days back and I haven’t came to terms with that yet I’m working on it. I know it’s mostly cause I’m around him, but I’m the only one who can console him and he wants me when he gets sleepy, and some times it can be a pain, but I love every single min of it. I love that I’m his world, and I’ll cherish it for as long as he will let me.
So yes! My son is a mama’s boy and that’s very much alright with me.



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