Not fair raising my kid right

I am so fired up right now I don’t even know if I will be able to get everything I want to say out.
I as you already know am a black American who just wants to be treated the same way anyone else does. I pay taxes, I went to school, I’m even in debt like the rest of America. I think that qualifies me to be treated like anyone else.
Ok breath….
I am married to a wonderful white man and we have a beautiful mixed son. What I can not understand in my soul is how someone can tell someone else they can’t get married because they are different. I love my husband more than any other man in this world. When I look at him I never see color I only see the love we share.
So why is it such a horrible thing for two people of the same sex to get married? Screw what the supposed bible says. GOD LOVES ALL! He made us all and he wants us to be happy.
Just like me they pay taxes, and everything else. If we are going to decide rather or not they can or can not get married then how about they not pay taxes?
I want my son to be able to live in a place where ALL are equal. I will make sure he knows that we shouldn’t treat anyone differently no matter of their race, religion, or sexual preference.
My best good friend is gay. And I trust him with my and my son’s life. He and his husband are my son’s God father’s. And I don’t mean like the mafia. I trust them to guide my son and show him the right ways of the world. I love them so much. And it makes me so sad that two people as loving as they are, are being denied the right to be married because of some….. Ok I’ll calm down. You get the point.
I read some where that mommy bloggers were not suppose to write about their political views, but you know what on this issue I don’t care. I know I’m just starting off and because of this I may not have a bunch of followers. So be it. This was not for them, and that’s not the type of people I want reading my posts anyways.

I love you Guncles! And all the other gay and lesbians out there, I WILL make sure that my son grows up learning about equality for all.



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