Broke but not out

Ok so if you are reading my posts there will be lots of times when you will hear me talk about being poor. We aren’t living on the streets, but we are defiantly living pay check to pay check. We are trying to save, but it seems like when we get a step forward something happens and we are set back. I know know this is our choice. I could easily get a full time job and this would all be fixed, but I rather be poor, than to have my son in daycare all day.
Now don’t get pissed.. Read my lips I’ll even put it in caps for you. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST WORKING MOMS!!!!!!!!
I actually admire you. You are providing a financial stability for you kids that I won’t be able to do.
I just I couldn’t do it. My little one kept getting sick forcing one of us (mainly me) to call off. Most of my paycheck went to daycare anyways. He wasn’t happy and neither was I. So I’m at home, and we both are thriving.
Now because of this we do live paycheck to paycheck, so I feel it’s my job to find ways to cut back and save money.
But just because we are poor doesn’t mean we have to suffer. So I have been coming up with cheap/free things lil one and I can do. I thought I would share.
So a few times you may see free/cheap posts from me.

Here is the first.

It’s summer time and well I live in Ohio and we get really humid summers. I really really wanted a water table for lil one. He enjoyed the one at my Mil’s and the one at the discovery place. The cheapest one I could find was for $40. When you live the way we do $40 is all we have for gas for two weeks. So buying one was out the picture.
So I looked at several of them and realized it’s really nothing that special about them, so I made my own. Lil one gets a kick out of it and it was free.

All I did was take lil one’s baby tub (has a spout for easy dumping) and got some of lil ones toys. I also used some kitchen supplies ( funnels, measuring spoons, cups ) and a bucket and watering can.
There you have it. Water table. And we played for two hours with it today.

Do you have any cheap/free ideas? Would love to hear them.





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