Growing pains?

So it’s been a week. I have not been doing well which I will discuss next post but omg let’s talk about my lil one.
On Monday he will be 20 months old. I know I could cry just thinking about it. Just want to stop time so he will stop growing.
Anyways… Lil one has been starting to deliberately disobey me. Me. For example.. There is a picture that hangs over our bed and I co-sleep so lil one sleeps with us. Well he now climbs on me and pushes the picture so it sways back and forth. I’m afraid it’s going to fall and knock one of us out.
I have told lil one not to touch it several times. His response: to look at me all cute smile and say hi mom.
And I’m trying hard not to smile because I know what he’s doing. When did he learn cuteness can get u places?
Then tonight he did it again. But tonight he got a nice swat.
Yeah I freaking said it I gave my child a swat. And I’m sure there will be plenty more as he grows up.
I’m sorry to be blunt, but is that a Caucasian thing that “I don’t believe in spanking my child?” I don’t get it. Is it because u were spanked? I tried the other things first before he got his swat. Yelling at lil one didn’t work. Getting down to his eye level and telling him no didn’t work. So I gave him a swat. With my hand. No need to call child protection. He cried, but more out of shock than anything and it took everything in me not to cuddle him.
Now by no means do I believe in beating ur children. I was beat as a kid I know the difference. But a swat on the rear or a slap on the hands is not beating. And that’s what the hubs and I agreed on.
Some may say take the picture off the wall. I say why? What does that teach him? And I be damned if my lil one grows up disrespecting me. Sorry y’all but I don’t want to have to call nanny 911 cause I cant control my son.
Is that a cultural thing? The wanting to be ur kids friend therefore you don’t discipline? I really really want to know….. Sorry back to the situation, right now I need my lil one to have some fear when it comes to me. To know oh heck na I ain’t doing that my mom is crazy. And right now I don’t think he fears me. Now his dad all he has to do is get that deep voice and lil one stops. And before u jump on the its because ban wagon hubs has given out some swats too.
I think he is testing me. Right after his swat and he calmed back down he climbed right back up looked to see if I was watching and touched that same picture just with one finger. This time it didn’t sway.
No one told me that this starts at 20 months I thought I had some months left.
So what do you do when ur lil one is obviously doing something they KNOW darn well they aren’t suppose to be doing?
What’s a mama to do???? Love him



3 thoughts on “Growing pains?

  1. Hmm…I don’t know if it’s a caucasian thing or not. We thankfully haven’t reached this stage (our son’s only 13 months), but I don’t know if we’ll need to spank him or not. I think different things work for different children. My only parameter is that spanking isn’t the first thing that we’ll try. I guess we’ll see what our little guy responds to! Sounds like he’s testing you and you’re doing well trying to discipline him. 🙂

    • Thank you mama. That what the hubs and I agreed on only spanking if everything else fails. Is he testing me? I tell him no at his eye level like all the books, nannies, and mags say and it’s like he isn’t even paying attention. I don want to spank him. ( I’m a woos when he cries) but it’s like he need that. Like when he touched the grill after hubs and I told him 20 times hot and redirected him and he touched it and what do u know mom and dad were right it is hot. Now you say hot and he gets it. Maybe I should go around telling him everything is hot?

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