Light mood

Well not much to report so as I await my doctor’s appointment I thought I ask the question. Why is it so bad to talk on the phone while using the restroom? I am admitting now that I talk, twitter, text, and Facebook all while on the toilet.
It’s not like I tell you hey I’m using the restroom, and I turn the water on so you cant hear me. You cant smell me through the phone, and its my phone not you’re that i touch. And i do wash my hands after. Besides i wait to flush until after we are off the phone. If I’m upstairs i may put the phone in the bed room and quickly flush then run back back to the phone. (you’re on speaker i can hear you) Plus they make bathroom phones. So there. To me I think it’s rude that u are in the middle of a great conversation and I’m gonna interrupt you.
I just don’t know what the huge deal is. U can tell me.
So stand up with me I let everyone know u use the phone on the toilet too!!



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