And we are 29

So today was the day I was born. And I’m pretty excited that I made it through another year! Can you believe that. It’s been a year of growth for me and I’m still working on it. Starting out with my lil one turning one some may say well that’s ur lil one’s millstone, but it’s mine also. I kept someone alive and happy for a year. That is not an easy task. And to be honest i really wasnt sure it i was up to the task. Also I talk about my lil one because thats where most of my growth has occurred. Making the huge step of leaving my career, to stay home with lil one, trying to figure out what it means to be a sahm/wife. That’s a lot to figure out. I’m still not sure if I’m all the way there but I can tell you that I made the right choice.
I’m also still battling post partem. That I wish I could say was over, but it’s not I’m still fighting my way through. I’ll keep on fighting so that maybe next year I’ll be able to say it’s over. I’m getting stronger as a woman. I’m standing up for my beliefs, and not letting people walk on me.
As I look at it though I am in a really good place. I have everything I could possibly want before I turn 30. Not many woman could say that. I Finally think im able to say that i feel like an adult, o feel like a woman. So as this day the day I was born plays out I’m just going to say happy birthday to me. And congrats for reaching for the stars, believing in myself and never giving up.



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