Words he says

Wow im back at it. Lots of posts swirling in my head. Any ways this post is about my sweet lil one. He is such a joy in my life. Even with the growing pains he keeps me laughing.
The new laughs are at the words he says.. Or can’t say. He is a very talkative lil boy… I know I’m in trouble!! But some of the words he says don’t come out just right sometimes.
Here is his list: his first one that he most recently corrected was dad. When he would say dad he would say dadt. Yes that is dad with a t. I’m guessing that’s how he could tell when he ment his dad or not cause at that time everyone was dad.
Next in the line is for one or sun. They are called nun. Yup nun. Still says it. Makes counting interesting.
My mom didn’t want to be called grandma long story so she is called nana. Well to everyone except my son. He calls her ninena. Read it how it sounds 9 na. He was close but no cigars. And poor paw paw. Which well paw paw is happy to have a name. Paw paw is now pop pop.
Speaking of food. Shhh I shall whisper this or he will want one but chips are now chiz. Hehe you want some chiz with ur sandwich..
And the most newest word that my lovely son has jacked up… Dip is.. Guess…. U can do it. Ok ok dip is dick. I have tried and tried to get him to say that final p but it ain’t happening, and you can see all the trouble that one can get us into. Words in just happy he talks right.

So my lil one can’t be the only one.. Right? We want to hear some of those funny words your lil one says or had said.



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