Downside of social media

So I’m having one of those days where social media is not my friend. Why? Not because of technical difficulties but because it can make me sad.
How is it something that can connect you to all kinds of people all over the world can make someone feel isolated at the same time?
Well for me or does. Being a sahm you can sometimes feel alone. You don’t have co-workers, and well family for me is an hour away and most of my friends don’t have kids. So I turn to social media. Twitter being my addiction.
Now don’t get me wrong I have met some incredible people. Whom I would have never met if it wasn’t for twitter. Now I’m a rather shy person. Talking to people on the phone causes major anxiety, and in person… We won’t go there. So that’s why I love twitter! No phone calls no face to face. GREAT! Yeah…
But then there are times I feel like an outsider. I’ve been on twitter for maybe a year.. And there are people who have been on here since there was twitter. And they have these friendships that well I’m just not a part of. No matter how hard I try. It sometimes feels like a clique. Like one of those mom groups that you’re aloud in but not really…..
Hmm most of the people I follow are moms….mom group. I guess I’m just not good at these mom group things. Maybe in time. I guess having a kid doesn’t put you in the club. Maybe it’s time I branch out.
I like talking to other moms. I love hearing about other kids and how they are dealing with mommy hood.
In the end I’ll have to make a decision about what to do and who to follow… I just want to belong. And if you are a follower of mine. I will never exclude you from anything, and if I do please let me know we get excluded enough in the real world.


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