Living the life I have

“when you have little it hurts more when you lose it” quote from a movie I just watched called A House Of Our Own it was a good movie. Has the lady from misery in it and for some reason I can think of her name…something Bates… Yeah don’t got it. It’s about a widow who has to take care of her 6 kids. She leaves California and moves them to this shack in Idaho to start over. They use every penny they have to fix up this house. And well I’m not gonna tell you the rest but I liked it. It hit a tone with me. Because lets face it we aren’t well off. A choice we made, but it is the truth. We don’t go on family vacations, the last vacation I took was my honeymoon. We don’t eat at fancy resurants. Red Lobster is fancy and that’s a special treat I don’t own a name brand clothing item unless it was a gift, and well my car is the first car I ever own (98) and the speedometer is on the fritz. We don’t get any government assistance either. So that movie I understood it. And the losing part yeah.. I wanted to cry over a $6 garden hose that someone stole. And yeah u are saying its only $6, but for us it was a luxury item and it takes lots of pennies to get that.
The thing is I’m happy. Besides the money part I’m more wealthy than the wealthy. I have the love of a man who woman would dream about having. A man who wakes up and the only thing he wants that day is for me to be happy. Most people would pay for that. And I also have the love of a son. A lil boy who loves his mama and everyone knows it. And that right there makes me wealthy.
My hubs and I grew up in two different worlds. He from a well off family and me yeah not so much. Yet I had the better childhood. It’s because we never made money an issue. Now it’s taken my hubs a while to realize that his parents are rich not him, but he’s got it. And money is only a big thing if you let it be.
I know that unless we win the lotto, we may always just be making it. But that’s fine with us. My son is a very happy boy, with two happy parents who love him and love each other. To me that’s what it’s all about. The rest will fall in its place.

Oh I remembered Katherine Bates. Right?


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