50 Shades of Wow

Well I finally got to read THE book! 50 Shades Of Greywow I see now what the hype was about. And yes it is an erotic book. And yes it was what I needed.
Let’s just say I’m not big into reading. My hubs yeah, me ahh not really. I wanted to see what all the hype was so I got it from the library. Well I had to put it on reserve. I was the 900th person. So it too a month. Which now that I think about it wasn’t too bad seeing that u can have it for a month.
I got the book yesterday and couldn’t put it down. I stayed up til 8am reading this darn book. It had me hooked as soon as I met Mr. Grey. Gosh.
If you are don’t know I minored in human sexuality I college. It intrigues me. Sex. I love sex!! I’m a big advocator for SAFE sex before marriage. And when I say SAFE sex I mean both physically and emotionally. I think everyone should have self pleasures themselves before they can expect anyone else to pleasure them. All though it’s not the biggest part I think GOOD sex makes up a good marriage. Sex toys are a must and I don’t see anything wrong with porn as long as u don’t think that’s how sex really looks. My hubs and I we watch porn. It’s a turn on. It helps get the juices flowing. Now everyone has their choice of porn. My hubs and I differ, which is ok because in the end we meet in the middle. Hehe.
This book the exact porn I needed. I am a romantic so I need a not cheesy story line. Wow. This book is great! Not just the sex but the storyline it kept me wanting more. The funny thing was.. My hubs got intimidated by this book. It was weird. We watch all kinds of porn and I read a book and he’s intimidated. He was being a you know what. I kept explaining its a book chill. He finally told me why it was upsetting him so.
He was afraid that I would leave him in search of my Mr. Grey.
Doesn’t he know that he is my Mr. Grey?
if he only KNEW what I know about Mr. Grey?
I reassured him that I would only leave him if he ever did the things we discussed. It was one of the rear times he shows his soft side…. Like Mr. Grey. Once he was ok I continued reading. It helped put a spark/excitement back in my step. I think my hubs only benefited from me reading this book.
It’s not for everyone. But if you are into soft… Erotica.. This is a book for you. Now I’m on to the next 50 Shades.


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