Life after Grey

So most know I have been away wrapped up in a wonderful series of books that I hope they make into a movie (christian bale is my pic to play mr grey)
Anyways while reading the book I thought boy they have lots of sex. (by the way this book is and isn’t all about the sex) I mean are there people who have this much sex? People in relationships? I think back to when hubs and I first started and yeah we had a lot of sex, but no where near this much. Even when we were trying for lil one we didn’t have that much sex.
As I was thinking this, however, I realized that I miss the sex. It’s mostly my fault that we don’t have that much sex, because hubs seems to be ALWAYS horny. Now I’m not saying our sex life is bad. It’s really good. We have sex 1-2 times a week, maybe three if its a good week. I miss the flirting, and the play, that we use to have. You know how you are in the beginning.
I mean after 9 years together all of that has sort of fizzled out. Maybe that’s what I really mean when I tell hubs I need more romance. And I do.. But I need the play and the flirt. note to self communicate this to hubs . Why did we stop the play and flirt? …. Oh u know we got each other, got comfortable, and adult life hit. That’s what happened. And we do have a toddler. But that’s no excuse!
So in order to get play,flirtation and lots of sex I’m going to do the 50 shades of change. My trusted go to sex therapist Dr. Bermann says

The more sex you have the more you want it

so no matter what; I’m going to start and have more sex. But to add the play I’m going to do it 50 shades style ( no I don’t mean the playroom. Although that would be AWSOME! ) I’m gonna start with playful emails/texts to him through out the day while he’s at work. And kiss him for at least 10 sec. (get the juices flowing)
So wish me luck as I embark on my own 50 shades adventure. I’ll do check ups here and there to report how it is going.



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