Just shocked by hate

So today hubs and I took lil one to the park. We were having fun and this dad and his three kids came along. The dad struck up a conversation with us about lil ones name. He liked it. We said we wanted something different but not crazy.
Out of the blue his little girl I’m gonna say she was 8 or 9, asks my hubs why did he marry a black girl? I say because we love each other. The little girl then says my mommy said not to marry blacks. Hubs tells her that black people are people too and that we should like everyone. The little girl says well my mommy said not to mess with blacks. The little girl then goes and play and the dad just says sorry about the questions, then proceeds to talk with us.


Now it’s 2012, and I’m not blind to the fact that as much as we would like, racism is still very much alive. I’m just in shock cause this lil girl was so young. And the fact that the dad didn’t even say anything to her. He just kept on trying to talk to us like that didn’t just happened.
I have dealt with racism before. Unfortunately that’s a part of being black. And as much as I want to shelter my lil one from it I know that sometime in his life he will have to deal with it too.
I just I don’t know. I don’t know what to say. I don’t care who my son marries as long as they treat him with respect and makes him happy. That’s it that’s all I want for my boy in a partner.
I’m just sad that people are teaching their kids hate thus the cycle continues.



4 thoughts on “Just shocked by hate

  1. I don’t have any words except to just shake my head in utter disbelief. And yet I know that racism still exists. This makes me realize that I need to call out any example that I hear or see from my friends. If I allow what they think is a harmless joke or generalization, what does it teach my daughters? I want them to recognize the beauty of how unique and different we all are and to celebrate our differences. I want to realize that we are all equal, and we are all God’s children.

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