What’s going on?

Today I had to just stop reading the news I just couldn’t take it anymore. I felt a panic attack coming so I shut it off.
I just want to be sure of what year it is. 2012 right? So why does it feel like 1912?


I thought things were SUPPOSE to get better as the years go by but lately I feel as though it’s getting worse.
With what happened to my family last week, a church refusing to marry a black couple, chick fil hate, this shooting in Wis. (they haven’t confirmed it was hate yet) people mad because Gabby’s hair is relaxed……

ENOUGH ALREADY ! I just don’t understand I don’t get it. We are suppose to love each other. God loves everyone! Jesus preached about love and equality, but I’m not seeing that.
what would Jesus do? not what we are doing right now. He would be disgusted by how we are behaving right now. It seems as if the devil has poisoned the water or something.
I recently was a guide at vbs and some of the things we taught were about loving each other no matter who u are, what you do, and where you came from. I’m so proud to be apart of a group of people who teach and follow these things it does give me hope… It’s just sad to me. The world is at your finger tips to learn from and grow from so why not do that. Stop hating people, love and value each other and what we bring to the table what’s there to lose?


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