Going with the flow

So many of you already know that we practice our version of AP parenting, and you also might know that we also co-sleep. We have been doing that since lil one was weeks old and refused to sleep in his bassenet and crib. Heck even in his own room.
Now we never set out to be AP parents or to co-sleep, but after weeks of really NO sleep, becoming delirious, and wanting to breastfeed on demand. Well lil one ended up in our bed and he happily slept their peacefully. Baby sleeping =’s mommy sleeping. Fast forward 21 months later, we aren’t bfing anymore, but we are still co-sleeping.
Now I’m not complaining. I love it! And I’m not in any hurry to change it.
Cue in the raised eyebrows
With my PPD/OCD I have some paranoia, and I sleep so much better with him close by so I know he’s ok. And well lil one sleeps so much better also. All night if he’s not sick or has reflux.
The problem was the hubs. He has the issue about lil ones’s feet being on him. Lil one likes to be touching someone while he sleeps. I don’t understand it and it’s something he is going to have to work through, but there you go. So hubs has been sleeping in the guest room because he wasn’t getting any sleep and wasn’t doing great at work.
I missed my hubs though. I missed snuggling up to him when I’m cold, I missed him holding me. I just missed his presence. So to fix this problem we have side cared lil ones bed. After six nights it is working GREAT! Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Ah as a parent you live you learn. And for hubs and I we just kinda go with the flow. What ever works works, if it don’t well we will try something else.
The interesting part will be when my mom and his parents see it. You see they are old school. CIO and all that crap… For the first time I didn’t even worry about them insert applause here hubs brought it up.
My response: “we practice ap parenting and seeing that this is not your room or your son I don’t want to hear it.” I know very ballsy of me huh wink. So hopefully this works! If not we shall readjust.
Here is our set up



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