My mommy fear

So here I am again. Have you seen a pattern? I write when I’m in the middle if an attack. It helps get everything out for me. Sorry about the rambling. Trying to clear my head.

What’s my problem this time? It’s the big P word!! More like the dreaded P word for me. Potty training. I’m scared to death of it!
When I had lil one I had the normal first time parent fears. And I was fine with it. I knew I would figure it out. The one thing as a parent I have always been scared about was the potty training. To top it off I get to potty train a boy


Everything I read says it is so much easier to potty train a girl. And thinking back to my lil sis and lil bro I agree. My lil sis watched once apon a potty and she just got it. My lil bro let’s just say he was still wetting the bed at 8.
The only other boy was my nephew… And lets face it like daycare or not, my sister had it EASY!! Her daycare potty trained my nephew.

so not fair

People keep asking me and giving me the look about when am I going to start potty training. To be honest I have no clue. If I had it my way he would be in diapers for a while.
Problem is we have had to move up to number 5. Not because of his weight but because he just pees that much. He just kept leaking. There isn’t a size after that.
Now I know man it would be nice to save that money.. Maybe put it towards a new car. And yes I really want him potty trained by the time we have our next. (not even trying yet)
To know when he’s ready, which method to use. It’s a lot to take in. And for heavens sake I don’t want to scare him about the potty.
He shows some signs: knowing when he peed/duce ( we call poo poo poopadoos he calls it Duce) he knows where his wink wink is and his butt. He knows that mommy and daddy goes to the potty. He LOVES not having his diaper on. He has gone several times in the potty.
Signs he’s not ready: doesn’t really know the difference between yes and no. Doesn’t have the vocab to tell me he needs to go, and doesn’t wake up dry from a nap ever.

So are we ready?? I really don’t know. Am I still scared? Hell yeah, but at least after writing this my attack is gone. I don’t know stay tuned and we shall see if my lil one gets potty trained or will HE be the kid that makes it to college in diapers?



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