Following Me

Well here I am. The day after and I’m still a little shaken….

It all started yesterday. It was a good day. Hubs, lil one and I decided to head to meijer for some food. Bacon was on sell and hubs was at the counter waiting for the butcher to wrap it.
Lil one hates sitting in the cart so I was entertaining him. I put him on my shoulders and we played the tell mama which way game. As I walked away from the counter I noticed an employee standing watching me, but I didn’t think anything about it.
As lil one and I headed down one of the isles I turned and there he was in the same isle and stopped just like we were.
Weird… Shrug continue game.
So we turn and head back down the isle. He turns and scurries down the isle. Hubs pulls up with the cart.
“I think I’m being followed. Hang on”
I walk down the isle to the other isle. There the guy is standing behind a cart.
I walk back to my hubs in the other isle.
“I think I’m being followed.”
“What do you mean?”
“There is a guy who is following me around.”
As I say this the guy walks around the corner, freezes and stairs at us. I nod with my chin in his direction so my hubs knows who I’m talking about.
Guy still standing there. For what it seems like eternity the guy finally turns and walks away.
“That guy has been following me since I left the counter. I have on white pants and that u can kinda see through and both my hands are holding lil one. So I couldn’t have stolen anything.”
For the rest of the time in the store I kept looking back making sure we weren’t being followed.
I soon forgot or so I thought.. Later that night I started getting snappy with lil one and hubs. For no reason. Then it all came to a head that night. Full on panic attack. And to top it off asthma attack along side it. It was a tough one to get through.
Now today we have two guys installing a new hot water tank and my paranoia/ppd is flaring like crazy. I’m very irritable, and I just want to run. Had a talk with the hubs and I totally get his side but man that talk didn’t help. He was rather upset that I didn’t communicate to him what was going on so he could protect us.
“What if something happened, I would have been in the other isle not knowing what was happening.”
I get that, but makes me feel like a screw up.
Now it’s bed time and I’m still feeling it. I’m tense and have that feeling in the pit of my stomach. I really hate this. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon. Until then……


8 thoughts on “Following Me

  1. That must be so hard and so scary. Do you have a professional that you can talk with?
    A professional can help you deal when things like this give you a little set back.
    Hang in there Momma.

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