Do you believe in ghost? That’s a question that is different for everyone. Kind of like asking if you believe in Aliens. What ever you believe it’s ok because it’s your belief.
I believe in ghosts. My belief is a lot like the show ghost whisper.
Ghost are people’s spirits that are trapped here because they have unfinished business.
I think there are also

bad ghost


good ghost

My first in counter with ghost happened when I was 10. I was startled awake by something shaking me. I turn to look up and these three yellow pirate type figures were floating above me laughing then flew out the window.
I think they were just out having fun. You know,how u would knock on someone’s door and run? Yeah something like that just in a ghost way.
My next one was after my dad died. There was this place on the hallway floor that if you slept right it would creek. My dad would always hit it. Never failed.
Well one night my brother and I were in the living room watching tv. And our dog started barking. 2 secs later the hallway floor creaked. No one was there. And my mom was sleep.
The most recent was shortly after I had lil one. I got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night. I came back to the bedroom and there was someone standing by my sons crib. The funny thing was; I wasn’t afraid. I like to think it was my dad meeting his grandson who has his name. Besides anyone who knows me knows I’m a big chicken.
The dark and me don’t get along. I’m not afraid of the dark, I’m afraid of what’s in the dark. Not the same thing. I like it dark in my room while i sleep, I like the dark during sex. No distractions. I’m afraid of what’s lurking in the dark that I don’t know about. A robber, some kind of bug with more than 4 legs.
Now last night was a weird night. I couldn’t get to sleep. Thank you insomnia! But as I finally fell asleep I heard the floor creek. Startled me awake. I woke up hubs, who of course never hears a thing. He checks and tells me it’s nothing. An hour later lil one wakes up SCREAMING! Something about his bed, and he’s worried about his dad, and his feet. He’s afraid to straighten his legs. I check his legs/feet nothing wrong. I assure him his dad is ok. Lil one totally freaked. He wants to lay on me…. Ok… We try to go back to sleep.. No lil one wants out. We end up in the guest room, where after much fight he finally falls asleep.

Crazy.. Right? I forgot to say another time when lil one was sleep when he was a baby I woke up to a butterfly type figure floating above lil one. Swatted it away and it vanished. And about the feet thing.. The only thing I could thing of was IT or Fred K and lil one has NEVER seen a scary movie. Nothing but Thomas and Bob in this house.
I don’t know maybe cause of the lack of sleep my brain is going crazy….. It could happen right? And they say kids are more sensitive to that stuff. I don’t know you be the judge. Do u believe?



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