Tis The Season

You’ll have to excuse me on this post. I’m a bit emotional. I’m having a bad anxiety day. Think it’s my hormones.. My Aunt is in town.
I love the holidays. I always have. And now with my own family I love them even more.
Christmas.. It’s just something about that holiday that brings warmth to my heart. I love the magic it brings to little kids. The belief that this mystical man can travel around the world, to every home in one night. That he knows if your bad or good. That belief gets me gitty with excitement. I love the aw they have seeing the Christmas lights.
I too share that experience. I’m so excited that lil one is starting to get to that age where that magic is starting to hit him. I’m enjoying watching him.
There is just one thing this year that is getting me down. Part of the reason I’m in this funk….


There it’s been said. We are a one income family. Which is alright with us. We love that one of us is home with lil one. Problem is with that we don’t have lots of money to spend on people. Lil one will always be taken care of first. Even at the experience of the hubs and I. We are great with that. Watching him is present enough for us.
What about others? Especially others who are well off in the money situation?
We come from a decent size family and that’s a lot of people to buy for.
So this year we are making presents. Which I’m pretty excited about. I love crafting. It’s just I feel bad because what if people don’t like what we make them? And what if they think its cheap?
I’m lead by my heart and I just don’t want people to think… U know.. Less of us……
I know it shouldn’t matter. I know what Christmas is really about. And in my little family we do celebrate Jesus’s birthday.
lets face it we live in America and like it or not we ALL breath consumerism. Which is horrible,but its America. It’s ingrained in us from birth.
What am I to do?
My church is a very community giving church. Which is a huge reason why we LOVE that church
shout out to United Hilliard Methodist
Anywho we have this tree there with stars on it. These stars have kids that come from less fortunate families on them, with their cloths sizes and what they needed.
I’m all about giving to someone who has less than me. I think its important. and feel strongly that lil one practices this. So tell me why we went to get a star off the tree, like we did years before, and we couldn’t afford anything on the stars. (We did finally find a star of a lil boy who needs pj’s and undies) But hello..
Don’t get me wrong I am so so glad I get to stay home with lil one. And it’s still what’s right for us, but how do you make it through the holiday with out the shame? The guilt? The struggle?
Let me know ur thoughts



2 thoughts on “Tis The Season

  1. There will always be shame and guilt cause we are thinking of what others are judging of our presents. But really that’s between them and God. Lead with your hearts. Homemade gifts are ten times better to receive than anything else in my opinion

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