Mommy fear not so bad

So back in August I talked about one of my mommy fears being potty training I was absolutely and utterly afraid to start potty training my son.
I had heard of stories of kids holding their pee,and then peeing in the corner and refusing to go,being afraid of the potty, and not pooping in the potty. All I could think about was Yep that’s going to be my son. But you know what he surprised me.
We were going to wait until he was 2 1/2 years old before we started because they say it takes boys a while to do this but yeah he just turned two in October and he’s potty trained for the most part.
It all started one night right before his bath he had a big squishy which is a really really wet diaper and I just decided to take his diaper and give him a little air before his bath.
I brought the potty chair up to his bedroom where he had been playing just in case he might go to the potty,but I didn’t have my hopes up for anything and you know what he squatted down and looked like he was going to go; so I asked “do you need to go potty?” and he goes “yeah,”and sat on the potty. I almost passed out.
I thought this was a fluke so the next day I decided okay well let’s see what happens. We stayed home thar day. i devoted my attention to him. Which meant no social media. AHH. He had no diaper on, no pants on, he was pretty much necked from the waist down all day. I would sometimes ask him “do you need to go?” and he would surely go sit on the potty and go. Most of the time I couldn’t even keep up with him. He would just go potty without me even asking. When I go look in the potty it would be full and I would have to dump it.
I didn’t realize that he goes pee a lot!! Oh my God! It was like every five minutes I was dumping that darn potty, because he was peeing. I didn’t know he Peed that much. He drinks and I swear it goes through his system in the matter five minutes and coming out. He was drinking on the potty and I swear was going right through him.
We’re on day five now and he’s doing great. He’s only had maybe three accidents total.? He peed on his dad’s foot once. Then while I was sleeping he decided to get on my back and pee that was a nice wake up call and then he peed in the corner on the dog bed, poor dog. Other than that he’s doing really well! He even poos in the potty without being told. and he stinks! Grown man stink which is great because the house doesn’t smell. I guess the only problem I’m finding is he seems to want to dump the potty himself. Which is not a good thing because he gets pee every where.
Next step now is getting him to be able to wear training pants and when he has to go pull them down and go pee. I don’t know exactly how to do that yet because whenever he has a diaper on he still pees in it, and doesn’t take it off. So I’ll get back to you guys when I figured out.
Until then happy potty training in the mommy hood




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