Happy New Years anniversary

Happy New Years everyone!!
So excited to be celebrating 2013 and my 1 year as a blogger!! Blogging has been so great for my life. It’s given me this outlet to talk. Don’t get me wrong I talk to my hubs about everything, but sometimes at 3 in the morning things are in my brain that I need to get out. Or anxiety is so high and I need to spill my emotions some where, this is where I can do it. This first blogging year has been such a roller coaster of things and I think I have have found my place in this blogging world. It’s come full circle. And I’m gonna keep going along. I like that through this journey I could help someone and in that same breath they could help me.
I love the way I am here. I LOVE that I didn’t try to make this a job. One that’s too much work, I would never have time for my family, two I don’t want to be a sell out, writing on command for someone else and three I like that I can just go at my own pace. No worries about numbers. Just freely talking about everything and anything that flows through my fingers.
I’m glad I found this place this place where writing and thinking and feeling just mesh into one place.
Ugh what more can I say? Happy blogging, happy anniversary and HAPPY NEW YEARS!



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