Stay at Home 2013

January officially marks 1 year of being a sahm (stay at home mom), and you know what? I feel like I really got the hang of it. This is exactly where, and what I’m suppose to be doing with my life. It feels really right.

A year ago I was so uncertain. So many questions. Is this the right step for my family?

Am I making the right decision?

What about all the school work I did?

The loans I took out?

Of course the dreaded M word.. money. How are we going to really survive off one income? Can we?

Well a year later I’m here to say it truely was the right decision for my family. We are So much happier, healthier, and loving than we were when I worked. Lil one is thriving and growing so much. He’s such a smart little boy. He’s far beyond where he would be if he was in daycare. He knows his ABC’s 123,s (1-10) He can spell his name, and that list just goes on. He’s so loving and so happy that he gets to be home with me. We are planning on home schooling him also. There are so many reasons for this which is another post, but It’s because I’m a sahm I get to do this. I’ve been able to teach him so much. And with that, my degree IS being used. So college wasn’t a complete waste. I don’t think he would be where he is developmental wise if I wasn’t able to be home. Don’t get me wrong. There are daycares out there that are really good, and teach all kinds of things. The daycare lil one was at was a wonderful daycare, but since it was an hourly daycare, and lil one was there at the end of the day, he wasn’t getting the learning part of it. He just didn’t seem to like it. Besides I adore the bond we have. At times it can be challenging, but I love the fact that I’m the center of his world. I love the fact that he’s a mommy’s boy, and that in his eyes, there is no other woman. one day that wont be true.

Don’t get mad, I’m not by no means knocking parents and kids who do work and do go to daycare…This is just MY point of view for MY family. All kids and all families are different and therefore not created equal either.

That nice lovely word money. I really really do HATE that word! I understand it’s what runs the world, but it shouldn’t run our lives. It’s been hard. Ok its been very hard and trying, to live off one income. We make it work though. We can’t go out and do everything we use to do, which took some getting use to, We only get to eat out twice a month, but that’s ok. We have figured out ways to save. We got rid of cable, I cook everyday, we make things homemade, I price match… There is a long list to this, but we do what we have to with the money we have.

Through all of this, I am so much happier. I feel like I have found my nitch in this world. Where and what I’m ment to do. I’ve always been good with kids, doesn’t matter the kid, it’s just what ive been good at. And this way I get to take that trait and mold MY son into hopefully a loving, smart, hardworking man. And I love that feeling. I’m so in love with my husband. Call me old fashion but I love taking care of him. Having dinner ready for him after a long day, packing his lunch. And OMG the sex. The sex is AWESOME!! We are exploring things we haven’t even thought about in the past (Thank you 50 Shades). I get to do things that I like to do. If you would have asked me a year ago what type of person I was, it would have been the total opposite of who I am today. I have found that I’m a lot more whats the word… crunchy, hippy, homestead  I don’t know, but I love love making things. Homemade soaps, cleaners, breads, desserts, dinners. I love it. I’m into crafting, farming, canning, preserving. Love it. Put me on a homestead I could make it. I didn’t know I had these things in me. I didn’t know this was me. And it is!!!

A year from now who knows what I’ll be into, but I wouldn’t have had these opportunities if I wasn’t a sahm. Making that decision was the right thing for me. To those moms who are thinking about the switch or who have just started, I know how scary it is, but with a little time and patience you too will find your way. A year from now you will be me. Good luck, You can do it!



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