Celebs post baby

This post is from a post I read earlier today that had some not so nice comments on it.
I follow @mamabirth on twitter and I also follow her blog. I like the info she provides about natural birth. Most of you know that we are gonna start trying for baby number 2 here soon, and I’ve started a workout plan to lose some weight before I get pregnant. Now I’m the exact same weight I was before I got pregnant with lil one, but my body doesn’t look anything like it did before I got pregnant. This was/is a huge shock to me. I did everything right. At least I thought. I continued to workout while pregnant (walked 2 miles a day) and I did yoga. Only gained 30 pounds. So once I had lil one and lost all of the weight I gained, you could imagine my shock that I looked nothing like I did before. This caused me to have some depression about my body.

@mamabirth wrote a post about all the talk about celeb Clair Danes at the golden globes and how everyone was talking about how great she looks only two months after having a baby.
Here is her post http://mamabirth.blogspot.com/2013/01/skinny-celebrities-and-their-perfect.html?m=1
Now agree with me or not I totally love this post. And agree with it.
how many followers have I lost now?
The thing that surprised me were the comments on this post. They were totally the opposite of what I thought they would be.
To tell you the truth I’m scared. Not just a little scared a lot scared. People really believe this is how you are suppose to look 2 months after pregnancy? Really?
Way to bring back my insecurities. It has taken me over two years to except that this is my body and to embrace what it looks like. I love the new curves I have, and though I’ll never be able to wear a bikini again without some nip/tuck there are some cute tankini’s out there.
Now I don’t know who this Clare Danes is. I don’t have regular tv so I don’t know. But I’m sick of seeing these celebs look like they never had babies after they had babies.
One of the comment on this post said they where mad at @mama’s birth because she said this is not normal. Umm I hope she’s right and this is not normal if it is then I’m a complete failure.
This is my stomach



It’s lumpy and saggy and full of stretch marks. No matter how many crunches I do it’s not gonna look like it did pre-pregnancy. Not unless I see a surgeon. And well my hubs don’t make celeb money, so that’s not gonna happen. And seeing that I want at least two more kids I imagine its only gonna get worse. You know; that’s ok because these are my battle scars. This shows my achievement in carrying a human inside of me. And I’m proud that I could do it.
Thank you @mamabirth for your post. And to other moms out there embrace you mama scars. And what you see on tv is not normal. They have the time and money to consume themselves with their image. Love your body no mater what you look like, because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL saggy stomach and all.


4 thoughts on “Celebs post baby

  1. You are so brave for showing your stomach. Your stomach looks a lot like mine, saggy and full of stretch marks. Our bodies change after we have babies, period. I need to keep reminding myself that my body housed two babies (not at the same time, thank goodness!). That is amazing in and of itself.

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