So hubs has a business meeting with some potential new clients. His boss and him are taking them to dinner and a hockey game. And I’m gonna admit that I’m jealous. Not about the hockey game. I could care less. although I do think it would be cool to go to a game I don’t know much about it anyways.
What I’m jealous about is what he’s doing. Taking clients out… Being an adult. 5 years ago this is what I thought I would be doing..
Don’t get me wrong now I love love being at home, taking care of my lil guy. It was and still is the right decision for us. I guess I want to be important. I want my job to matter. When people ask me what I do I get that sympathy

oh good for you, so strong

bull. It makes me feel not important. Like I’m just a bum.
I’m proud of my hubs. This could mean big things for him. And he did check with me first and I did encourage him to go, I’m just having a hard time.
So I’m gonna have a date night with lil one. I think he will like it and I won’t feel so lonely.
I hope all goes well with this meeting. I’m gonna have fun with lil one. We may even eat ice cream for dinner yum



8 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. Girl so right there w ya. We just got to remember we are doing a great thing, even though it doesn’t feel like it. We are raising future presidents and senators and doctors and lawyers 🙂

    I know it doesn’t feel like it now, especially when they don’t give us a moments peace and all you want to do is pull you hair out scream. But it is important to them

  2. Oh, that patronizing, “Oh, you stay at home? That must be nice.” Grrr….Makes me want to say, “I am raising the future leaders of our society, to make for a better tomorrow!” *giggles*

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