Celebrating Lent giving thanks

Yup here I am again. Actually I just got lots of things rattling around in my head and I need to make space for new ones. Any who
I am Christian ahhhh I said it out loud. Well I’m trying to be. There has been a time that I was Atheist. I blamed God for my father’s death, and church just didn’t sound so good to me anymore. I couldn’t be a part of something that screamed HATE.
I know I know that’s not what it is but from my point of view that’s what it was. People who hated black, poor,gay people. And seeing that I just can’t help myself and I love to love I just couldn’t do it.
Well I’m SO lucky to have found a church who shows you that, that is not what God is about. He loves and ACCEPTS you no matter who you are and all he wants you to do is love. That’s it plain and simple. Love and worship him/her and love your neighbor.
So I’m working on my journey back to God. And I’m TRYING to bring him/her in my daily life. Into the life of my son. I want him to grow up with that. He can make his choice when he gets older and I will love and accept him no matter what faith he chooses but for now I want him to have that background. Besides let’s face it even though there is SUPPOSE to be a separation of church and state there really isn’t. Money rules the U.S and well our money has in GOD we trust marked on it. Just saying.
The lovely church we are members to

Shout out to Hilliard Methodist

celebrates lent but we don’t give up anything. For us it’s not about giving up things chocolate . We try to bring God and love into our lives more. For me I’m gonna make sure I spend sometime during the day and pray. Hubs is going to read scripture and lil one is going to give more hugs and kisses.
My prayers for the most part are private between me and God. But this one I don’t think he/she I’m not convinced God’s a man but it just doesn’t seem right saying it would mind.

Lord I just want to thank you for this wonderful life you have given me. I am so blesses for the all those I love and who love me in return. My hubs. I adore him. Thank you for him. He IS the man I prayed to you about all those years ago. My son the love I have for him is just wow. He is so loving and smart. Thank you for him. My sisters are my rocks. To have them in my life after everything we have gone through with that woman thank you. My friends I’m fine with the few I have because the few I have are the best most caring group I would ever want. And yes thank you for giving me PPD. Because I know you have a plan and I hate having it but without it I would have never met the wonderful women that are becoming my close friends. Thank you thank you for my life and my love and your love. In your name.. Amen
That’s was my conversation today with God.
So if you celebrate lent what are you doing for it?
Do you have conversations with The Lord?



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