Short honeymoon

This weekend I realized the importance of real time with my husband. For the past month we have just been living. His job is very stressful lately and a lot falls on his shoulders. He’s been working late and working at home more. I on the other hand have been just keeping everything a float here at home. It kinda just got monotonous.
Now our relationship is WONDERFUL full of love, but we haven’t really really had time for just us.
I don’t like it when my son is away from me for too long. My heart isn’t full without him. I miss him terribly. Yes I’m that mom. I think having ppd contributes a lot to this, but I don’t like to go places without him. Simple as that. Add to that, the closest family we have that would maybe take him for a while is over an hour away.
My mother takes my nephew every other weekend. I know she would do that for me, but she’s two hours away. That’s 4 hours driving on Friday and Sunday. Not really worth the gas, for every other weekend. However, once every two months or so I do make the journey. This weekend was one of them. And by Saturday I misses him something crazy.
With him gone though, I got to have some alone time with my hubs. It was very much needed.
It was so romantic, even though we didn’t even go or do anything. I felt like I was on my honeymoon again.
Friday night he made sweet sweet slow love to me. We haven’t done that in a long while. Most of the time it’s like quick get your rocks off before lil one comes kind of sex. #parentsex as they call it in twitter but this was wonderful. We took our times. There was lots and lots of for play. We got to really enjoy each others bodies, and pleasure.
I got to cuddle with him, and fall asleep in his arms. Which if you don’t know
That’s my favorite place on earth to be. Not a beach, not in Paris, but in his arms. Heaven!
Then on Saturday we went window shopping, and I got to hold his hand. I love holding his strong hands. I love that he places his hand on the small of my back to guide me in a certain direction. Gives me butterflies every time. When we got home we got to drink. I had lots of liquor!! But I had no one to take care of so I let my hair down. We talked watched SNL and had drunk sex. Drunk sex for us lasts 2 hours and we just played. Pleasing and teasing. LOVED IT!!
Now today I’m feeling a really good ache but most of all I feel refreshed and reconnected to the beautiful man I love. My lil one is back home so my heart is complete. This was so worth it. I know tomorrow is Monday and we have to go back to the hustles of life, but after this little honeymoon. I know we will make it through stronger and better than ever.

Do you do anything to have alone time with your partner? What do you do? Do you enjoy that time to its fullest?



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