Raising him to be

Ok I know that it’s 2013, but a huge part of the reason I fell in love with my husband is because of his old school manners. That he is such a gentleman with to me. The way he is with me… There are no words. Out of a romance novel.
I know that my hubs old school charms will rub off on him, but isn’t it my job also to teach him how to treat others… A lady. If that’s who he fancies when he’s older? What better person to know what women like than me. So I’ve started. I feel like the boys yes boys I see today have lost that charm. And to me that’s just sad. I feel bad for the women of the future. That they won’t know this grace.
My son however will have that grace ingrained in him.
Today we went out on a “lunch date.” When the date was over he “paid” because even in 2013. I think it’s just nice. I’m not saying for everything. Women should have independence, but it’s still nice. He also opened the door and held it open for me with a little mommy help at the restaurant. I think these values are important. I hope that he remembers
I don’t know. Just something I’m hoping will happen for my son, when he becomes a man.

What do you think?




4 thoughts on “Raising him to be

  1. I love this! My little guy (he’s 7) and I do lunch dates and I’m (trying) to teach to hold doors for all ladies. He’s not so sure about THAT concept idea just yet. 🙂

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