Bringing in life…

I’ve been asking lots of questions lately about birth. I’ve read several people’s birth story and think… that’s what I wanted, why didn’t that happen for me? My birth story isn’t one that is one for news articles. No one died or came close to dying. It’s not traumatizing. But it’s MY story. It happened to me. It’s how my beautiful son was born. It’s also I believe, is one of the reasons I think I have PPD.
It was a dark and stormy night..
Not really it was your usual Saturday night. Hubs and I had an awesome day. We walked around a little festival, I had my very first pedicure that day, and as the night wore on we were just sitting around watching the tube.

wow will this memory EVER not be so vivid?

I started having mild contractions, which I really didn’t think was anything. This was my first. They started coming more frequent so I just breathed through them like my birthing class taught and hubs started timing.
I got up and started moving around because I wanted to make sure these weren’t Braxton hicks. During that time my plug came out. Which was very interesting to say the least and I had hubs look at it to see also.

yes that’s how we roll. We are very close like that. They didn’t go away, and were 5 mins apart so we just decided let’s go to the hospital and see.
On the drive there it seemed like the contractions were getting further and further apart. We got checked in,and was sitting in the pre room. They checked me and I was only 4 cm. The nurse was going to have me walk for an hour and if I didn’t have any change they were sending me home. Which was fine with me, we thought they would have sent us home after they checked me.
As we were waiting for the nurse to come back to either send me home or give us the ok to walk my water broke. It wasn’t a trickle it was aGOOSH/SPLASH
I’m pretty sure my eyes were huge when I looked up at hubs and said

holy cow my water just broke

his response

how do you know?

umm because a bunch of liquid just came out and I didn’t have to pee! Here look under the sheets and tell me if its… Oh never mind it’s dripping on the floor. What does it look like


water with duck poop in it….

… poop??

duck poop…

Maybe you should go get a nurse……
honey did you hear me go get a nurse

Hubs left and came back with a nurse which confirmed that yes my water just broke and the baby had his first poo, (wasn’t duck poop) and now they are keeping me…
Duh duh duh!!!!

I shall leave you with that. More to come later.
Yes later 1, I’m tired it is 3am and there is A BUNCH more to go. 2, I did take a sleeping pill and I want it to work. And 3, just because I stinkin could so there😜😝😛😉!!
Stay tuned for part two….


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