Umm…. Really? What?

Ok now y’all know I don’t talk about others parenting style cause lord knows we do things against the grain here, but man oh man I gotta tell you something cause I’m still in shock over the whole situation.
Lil one and I went to the play area at the mall. Spring break is over so it’s back to normal. No big kids not crowded just us moms with toddlers and younger. HAPPY HAPPY!

Anywho lil one was playing with the other kids and I was doing my normal: you know small talk with other moms with an occasional

go the up way not down way


nice touches, hands to yourself

banter with lil one.
Another mom came up to me and asked me if I knew who a crying lil girls mom was.
I said no I thought she belonged to a gentle man who was picking up his baby.
But he said she wasn’t his. So the mom went to the store to ask them to call security. While she did that another mom and I calmed the kid down and asked her what her mom looked like.
red hair, short, white
So I started looking for her mom, asking anyone who looked like that if they were missing a kid.
Mean while the security officer came and was asking questions.
Also an employee from Jack N Jane was saying oh this isn’t the first time she’s seen this.
As she’s saying this I happen to look up I see a lady who matches the description walk by. I catch her and ask her if she’s looking for her daughter.
Her reply

No why? Is she crying?

Yeah she’s crying. So the lady comes to the play area evil eyes me and the other mom, then snatches up her child and walks away.
I mean are you serious?!! And had the nerve to have attitude with all the rest of us who were concerned about HER child.
I’m still shocked! The employee says it happens all time, but really? In this world. And y’all I wasn’t at no run down mall, I was at the foo foo mall with the expensive stores! I just… Still at a loss. I mean who does that?
Can someone please help me out on this one?




2 thoughts on “Umm…. Really? What?

  1. I think I would have reported her to the cops. What is wrong with some people? Once, when I worked in a strip mall Hallmark, a mother was driving in the parking lot away from her 9-10 year old child who was gripping on to the car door handle, as some kind of punishment. I was SHOCKED. We called the cops, though this was before camera phones, all we could do was describe the license place # and vehicle.

    Anyway. I’m rambling. I just wanted to say WHAT THE! Along with you.

    • RIGHT!!! I still don’t get it. The security guard said something to her as she left, but man. I mean anyone could have snatched her child up, or her kid could have wondered and the list goes on and she just didn’t seem to care. And the poor old lady sitting next to me she might need to go to confession after the names she called that lady. Lol

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