The next big blogger

On twitter lately I’ve been seeing a few of my friends…. Ok most of my friends talk about VOTY. Now I will admit until 2 mins ago I had NO idea what the heck that was. It wasn’t until I read @agreatersafty post that I really figured it out. And her post is what prompted this ramble. And yes go check it out its pretty good!
I needed more than 140 characters to get this out of my head so I could go to bed.
VOTY which if you are out of the loop like I am stands for Voice of The Year. It’s a blogher thing where bloggers summit, or others summit posts you did for a contest?
please feel free to correct me
You know just when I think I get this whole blog thing and I’m part of the “in crowd” things like VOTY come along and let’s me know just where I fit in. I feel like I’m in high school again with the blog world, and my high school experience wasn’t one I want to repeat.
Yup I was an outsider. But well that’s perfectly fine with me. Unlike that outsider then, I KNOW who I am today, and I LOVE the me that I am. This me is telling that awkward me that still hides deep down that you know it’s kinda cool to be on the outside. You still rock!!
I started blogging because of having PPD. I read a few awesome posts of people talking about what they are going through with PPD and it just jumped out at me. Like this is something I too can do to possibly help me through this. No I’m not healed yet, but being able to just ramble somewhere about how I’m feeling is great. I work through anxiety attacks here, I’m free just to say whatever I need to say and get it out of my head. For me that’s HUGE!!
Now I totally admit that knowing people read this makes me feel good, but I’m sorry, it’s really about me. And helping others. I’m a cancer it’s just something about helping people that’s appealing to me.
When I first was going through PPD it was reading about others experiencing the same thing that helped me. And now that we are embarking on homesteading and homeschooling I read those posts too. They all are helping me through my journey so I hope I’m returning that same favor in my blogging. And it’s just nice to get things written down. My hubs has a horrible memory, and my grandma has Alzheimer’s so I know how important it is to have things written.
I know I’m never going to be a blogger great, and probably never really be part of the blogher in crowd. Yesterday it was 1 million words (something like that) today it’s VOTY who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I’m gonna keep on writing not worrying about that crowd, because hey it’s not so bad as an outsider.


3 thoughts on “The next big blogger

  1. VOTY is not supposed to be a contest – but it is. People who end up being nominated go out begging for votes and of course the “high school” part of it all comes out. I put in two…no wait three really good pieces in that I was proud of. They werent chosen. I dont know how I feel about it, but I did it to get more visibility for my old blog. I dont know if it helped. But I ended up feeling losy cause I wasnt chosen. I woked hard on those pieces and I was really proud of them

    oh well. ya live ya learn right?

    Now, I write to just write.

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