Fulfilled my quota?

I should start off and say this is an email to my paster. I’m still new to this believing thing and I have lots of questions. I appreciate any help you can provide too.
Any who I had a question I needed some guidance on.
My question is can you ever ask too much from God? I know he’s not a wish granter, but these past two weeks I feel like I’ve been praying for an awful lot. And it’s taken a little time but those things have came through. And yes I’ve had a LOT of thank you prayers in there too.
But the one thing I truly need his help with, is the one thing that is truly all in his hands. Not that everything isn’t in his hands, just this one thing is,we did our part it is truly up to him now. I’m worried may not happen.
Yes I’m an anxiety filled worry wart. It’s in my nature. I wake up and go to bed fretting about something.
I guess I haven’t asked my question…
Question is can you ask TOO much of God? Is there an I filled my quota I need to give it a break? There are so many more important things in the world that are going on that I’m sure needs the lords attention, I feel like he’s fulfilled my needs he needs to be concentrating on the things that really need his attention and not my small needs. I’m not dying, my family is doing pretty ok, we have food and a roof over our heads what more is there?
It’s just this one thing is a HUGE deal that I really want to pray to him about.

I don’t know can you help me get on the right path with this

Thank you



4 thoughts on “Fulfilled my quota?

  1. Well, you can never ask God for too much. I have asked God for soooo much, but the thing to remember is He may not answer the way you expect.

    His answers are always: Yes, No or not now.

    I know – how could God tell me “no” when what I’m asking for is good for me? Well, what you may think is good for you now, may not be good for you later. Or it may not actually be good for you now at all; no matter how good you may think it is.

    But in answer to your original question? You can never ask God for too much. Your “little problems” are just as important as all those big problems in the world. Think of it this way, your relationship with your son. He can never ask you for too much right?

    Well maybe not in relation to candy….nah. You can never have too much candy 😉

    • Oh mama I was hoping you would comment. Thank you. I just was filling so bad about asking so much. When he already gave me so much, don’t want him to think I’m unappreciative cause I so am. I just really really want this one thing and it’s all in his hands. Thank you for the wise comment.

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