Imagine the way

pure imagination
Growing up I can remember the imagination I had. It was so much fun! Now a days my imagination just gets me into trouble with worry but I guess that’s a part of growing up.
The cool thing is that my lil one has entered the imagination stage and it’s so much fun to watch and participate in. I’ve never lost my imagination. It’s how I come up with ideas for dinner, or crafts or school. I love it. I’m excited I get to bring it out of hiding.
Here is one of the things we did. I set up his Thomas carry set for the trains and had his cars go on the real train track. We also got out his Dino’s and we used them in our play.

Yes that box is a make shift tunnel I made for him. But it’s not just all “boy” play around here we encourage him to play with whatever his heart desires. The cool part… My hubs is on board.

He’s playing dress up in my clothes. I love it!
Have you seen dateline NBC’s what would you do?
Well here’s a clip from it from HLN
Barbie for a boy?
My hubs would totally buy it and I think that rocks!
I think it’s SO important that he explores all areas of imagination. The world doesn’t become so untouchable with a great imagination. We may not be able to take him places or show him everything, but because our imagination is SO grand, we can still provide him all the things he could ever ask for.
I don’t mind that he watches TV, or plays video games. I know what he’s watching and playing. All of which are educational. Besides lord knows I did my fair share of that growing up and I think I turned out pretty well. The thing is, our technology wasn’t as grand as it is now, so we still had to come up with things to entertain us. When I was young my friend and I were Olympic ice skaters and we got all dressed up and roller skated in the court, and we beat DeeDee and Luka everytime our imaginary competitors. Or we were on the gymnastics team and did our floor routine in the front yard. With string we tied to the grass in the shape of a huge square. yes DeeDee and Luka lost.
Now thinking about it, because of my very imaginative generation why we have this technology.
It’s not all book smarts, someone had to Imagine it first.
I want my son to have that kind of imagination, so far he’s on the right track. But unlike my parents I’ll be right there with him, encouraging and imagining every step of the way.
What cool things did you do when you were younger?


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