My past just drove away

Just a quick blurb before I try and catch a nap. But my sweet sweet Sherman has rolled away and it’s bitter sweet. Sherman and I have been so many places. We went to Canada twice. And I’m SO in love with Canada. Sherman was my freedom. He took me away from my nightmare and brought me to light. He brought me to the beautiful life I have today. Sherman made it possible for my hubs and I to make it.

Who is Sherman? Sherman was my first car. I had him since I was 18. He is was a 98 ford escort lx. He was base model. He didn’t have ac, and it gets crazy hot here. But no ac. It wasn’t broken, just didnt come with it. He didnt have a CD player or a cassette player. He was a 5 speed. I learned my love for sticks through him. His back defrost didnt work and he slid when we went over a drop of water. But he was MY car. I got him at a car auction. I worked my BEHIND off to buy this car. He wasn’t a grand car, but he was MY car.
He was old though. Every time I went over a big bump I would check my mirror to see if anything fell off. But he was MY Car!
It was so hard to watch him drive off today. He’s on his way to a junk yard. I feel like betrayed him. I know that he is an object but I worked SO hard to get him, and I was so proud of myself. Hopefully after this nap I will feel better.
I’m gonna miss you Sherman. I will remember all the places we have gone.

Thank you

away he goes



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