Bringing in life part 2

So they are keeping me.. Ok that’s fine his due date is tomorrow.. Right on time.
They put me in a wheel chair and wheel me to their laboring rooms which I might say are awesome!
I get out of the chair.. Ewww. That’s kinda gross!
no one told me that even after your water breaks, that you still leak.
Ok remember remember what we learned in birthing class, cause crap here comes another contraction… Im breathing I’m moving. DAMN these hurt a heck of a lot more with out any fluid
Nurse starts hooking me up to machines. She checks me I’m 4cm cool cool. Ok let’s get out the birthing ball I think that might help.
“…. You can have the ball but you gotta stay hooked up.”

…ok that’s fine I can still make this work. But let’s get it in here cause I need it. I get on the birthing ball start rocking/Rolling yeah that feels good. Moving = less pain yeah I got this. Nurse comes back in..
“Every time you move the monitor comes off and we can’t get a reading”
“Ok, but I need to move. That’s how I deal with the pain.”
“Hospital policy says that because you had meconium you have to be monitored.”
“Ok.. For how long, cause I really need to move.”
“Until the baby is born.”
….. I look at my hubs, back at the nurse, back at hubs. Crap another contraction, well let’s see if I can “not move” through this. I’m breathing breathing… Shit shit shit I can’t sit still
“Honey she’s tellin me I can’t move and dang it I have to move rock through this pain.”
“I know sweetie what do you want to do”
My hubs said he was thinking crap too. This isn’t what we learned.

I looked back at the nurse. “Well damn it if I have to sit here because of policy then you might as well give me an epi.”
“Are you sure?”
“Look hold on I’m having a contraction.”
I wasn’t sure of anything. Hubs and I wanted to see how long I could go without any meds. We weren’t against it, but we wanted a shot at trying. The only thing I was sure of at that time was that the contractions hurt like hell, and the only thing that took an edge off was to rock. And the nurse is telling me that I can’t move.
So there goes that shot, give me the dang epi.
“We are gonna call the anesthesiologist. He should be here in a couple mins.”
Yeah a couple of mins my behind. That fool took 20 mins. Do you know how hard it is to go through contractions and you aren’t aloud to use your pain management skill?!!
He finally gets here, clears out the room, and suites up. I sign my life away and sit at the edge of the bed crunched over my baby.
1. This is not comfortable
2. I’m still contracting
3. I HATE needles
But I do my best to hold still.
“You’re gonna feel a small prick feels like a bee sting” he says.
Who the heck thought that, that analogy was a good one needs to be stung by a bee. Cause I’ve been stung and that ain’t no walk in the park.
The “bee sting” happens, and now he’s gonna place this LONG needle in my back.. He sticks it in… Holy cow my leg is buzzing…. Now twitching,
“Sorry mam wrong spot..”
Yah think? Bone head. And I’m still to remain perfectly still while this dude misses and I’m contracting. This is SO not how I thought any of this would happen. Ok he’s gonna try again. He sticks the LONG needle back in…….

Part 3 to come soon..


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