Pre-curriculum part 2

I promised I would come back and talk about one of our weeks.

The way letter of the week pre-curriculum is set up is you do one letter each week.

I bet you knew that already

Now you can follow exactly what she has on there. Which we did for the first two letters. Then I changed it up and what ever letter it is that week, that is our theme. So for instance: this week we on letter K. So our theme is Kites. K for Kites. Helps lil one remember the letter better and It makes it so he can spell the word. The vocab word we have is clouds. In my head I think clouds and Kites go together.

I hope I’m making sense

I took a poster board and wrote Theme, Vocab, shape/color, letter, number, and Nursery Rhyme.

So on Monday after lunch we spend around 30 mins on school. I show him the theme (Kite). I place a picture of a kite that I got from Google images under the theme.

Next to the picture I take an index card and write out in big letters the word kite. We talk about what a kite is (The best that he can understand) and then we spell it out. I’ll spell it, then I have him spell it.

From there we move on to the vocab work (cloud). I put a picture of a cloud under the vocab heading. Next to that I have cloud spelled out on an index card. We talk about the vocab word and then we spell it out. I’ll spell it first then he spells it.

Once that is done, then we may watch something about topic or read a book about that topic. He learns best watching something about that subject, but he also loves books. Sometimes I may split this up depending on what our day looks like.

I may let him watch something about that subject, then at bath time I would read to him about that topic. After we read, and/or watch something, we move on to the gross motor skill. This I have also changed up to fit the weather we are having that day, how busy that day is going to be, rather we are staying in or going out. Now the Gross Motor activity we do is usually something that involves running jumping hoping, things like that. For our kite unit we went outside and flew kites. He loved that. For our unit next week (letters) we will are going to take a box with a slit cut in it. (I’ll dress it up so it will look like a mailbox) We are going to take 12 envelopes (12 is also the number we are learning that week) and he has to take the envelopes from one side of the room, run to the other side and put one at a time in the mailbox, in order, in 12 seconds. And that would be our Monday lesson.. See really easy. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again. This is a great beginners homeschool lesson. I love the way I can make it fit our lives. It is really flexible.
Next time I will talk about our Tuesday, which if you are following along’ will be our color/shape day.


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