Mean kids

Lil one is 2 1/2 now and with everything that comes with the terrible twos he has hit a stage were he is realizing feelings, both his and others. He has started pouting. I know just wait til he’s older but, dang. He pouts when he can’t get his way, and he pouts when his feelings get hurt. That’s the worst. His feelings getting hurt.
We live in a condo and lucky not really us our back yard is the playground. yeah really sucks! Any who, there is this boy who is older than lil one. I wanna say he is 4 or 5. And this boy is very mean towards lil one. He won’t share his toys with lil one, even though he lets others play with his toys, he doesn’t want lil one playing with him on the playground and he’s constantly tattling on lil one about things that haven’t happened like lil one came into his room and took one of his toys when that couldn’t have possibly happened.
Now I’m learning just like lil one is. My parents never got in between any scuffles we had with our peers unless it was physical. And I agree with that to an extent. I just don’t know exactly what to do. I want lil one to be able to feel people out and learn his way around others. Want him to make friends on his own. But this boy is always mean to lil one which hurts his feelings. I mean head down and pout, hurt his feelings.
I tell lil one to go play with someone else, I explain that it’s not very nice that the little boy isn’t sharing. And how you should share with others. I tell him that the little boy doesn’t want to play with him so play with others.
Lil one doesn’t get that. He’s a VERY friendly boy. sometimes not to my benefit He calls everyone “friend”. And he wants to play with everyone.
So how do I explain to him that that’s not how everyone is when I really want to tell the little boy off.
How do I help him with these new hurt feeling?

That’s his cousin. We say they are cousin/brothers. They are REALLY good friends.


2 thoughts on “Mean kids

  1. Humnoy is a sweetheart too. There have been times my heart breaks for him when other kids don’t say “hi” back after his incessant greetings or trample him on the slide just because he’s small. All I do is make sure he’s safe and happy and play with kids who do like to play back. Not every child is so lucky to have the big hearts that our babies do.

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