Guess I won’t be that mom


Lil one and I went to the splash pad the other day. splash pad is a giant sprinkler, that has water shooting from all different kinds of directions. I like it because it’s hard for lil one to drown, but most of all its free. Just the gas to get there and back is all I’m paying.
Well when we got there, there wasn’t many people there. SCORE!! So lil one and I run around through it having a jolly good time.
As it gets later more people start to come. So I step back letting lil one play with the kids. Did I say lil one is 2 1/2?
So even though I’m not with him I’m with him.
Let me just stop a moment I promise this has to do with the story.
I have 3 siblings. Some step ones but manly the three. There was always someone to play with. My parents rarely played with us. Which to me is kinda sad. Some may say that’s why you have siblings, but it would have been nice. I do play with lil one. Call it the kid in me, maybe it was from my previous job? I don’t know? But I’m the mom that I guess isn’t the “cool” mom. I read some blogs that call moms like me out. I’m that mom that is playing on the playground with her kid. I mean have you been on some of these playgrounds? Way better than what we had as kids. The mom in the sand pit building things, and yes the mom running around the splash pad. My lil one loves it! He now expects it. Yelling “Mom play wit me! Play!”
I do encourage him to play with others. I “take mama breaks” so he has to play with them. And no I’m not a.. “Helicopter mom” why do we have all these labels? Why can’t we just be moms?
My boy is very friendly, and will ditch me in a heart beat when another kid “friend” as he calls it shows up. But if he’s had his fill of the other kids or they just don’t want to play with him. Which lets face they don’t always want to play with each other. I will play with him. I will run, jump, and participate in whatever imaginary thing he is doing. Period!
Ok back to the story…
Lil one has had his fill of the other kids and wants me to play. So we go back to running through the pad having a grand ol time…. Then I look up…. And realize I’m the only “adult” playing. Even those with kids much younger than lil one aren’t in the water.

Talk about self doubt moment.

So I start to distance myself. Maybe parents aren’t suppose to be in here? I go back read the rules… Doesn’t say anything about only certain ages. It does say no street clothes which some adults are wearing… why I don’t know you’re at a place that u get wet yet others do have on their bathing suites/itty bitty bikinis. And they aren’t in the water.. So what’s up? Yeah they are talking to other parents, or on their phones. And that’s when I realize, I’m not that mom. I don’t belong to a moms group. I like being free, don’t want to be obligated to be out. That gives me anxiety like no other. Talking to strangers is another. I don’t ever think ill be the mom sitting on the sideline socializing. Even if lil one has a sibling or two. As long as they want me to play, I’ll be there. Cause one day they will tell me to get lost.
So yes you WILL see me playing with the kids, and you can like me or not for it. Label me as “that mom” stink eye me if you need to that’s fine. I’m here for my lil one not for you.



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