Support all the many faces of a family

I want my son to never be ashamed of his family. I want him to know that families aren’t just a white mom white dad. Help me support Cheerios and their decision to keep the commercial. Help me show the many faces of a family. Post pictures of your family and Cheerios. Please share and show others we are for change!

Cheerios Commercial

My family supports other families, and we back cheerios does yours?



3 thoughts on “Support all the many faces of a family

  1. thanks for bringing this to my attention. I am a huge fan of my DVR and I fastforward all my commercials so I didn’t even see this super cute commercial. Kudos to Cheerios for focusing on the MESSAGE and not the messengers. I can’t believe people are upset about this commercial – it should win an award!

    • I agree with you. I saw the commercial but didn’t know of all the craziness until recently on my twitter feed. I’m more of a really people went there? Smh.

  2. I finally got a chance to watch this commercial. It makes me love Cheerios even more. Your family is beautiful, and I wish that this wasn’t an issue anymore.

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