Pre-curriculum part 3

For Tuesdays we have combined both shapes and colors and we switch each week.
For color weeks we do lots for that color.
-we may wear that color
-color different things in that color
-cut construction paper in that color (which helps him learn how to work the scissors) double lesson in one.
-we mostly make play dough until we got to brown and black. those colors are hard to make out of primary food coloring.

If we are learning shapes ill have a picture of that shape printed out for him. He colors it what ever color we last learned, then I let him try and cut it out. we do use safety scissors. After that we hunt around the house, outside, the mall for that shape. Sometimes shapes are harder to find (stars,diamonds) so I would take cut outs of that shape and tape them around the house the night before.


And there you have it. There are so many things to do. Just keep it exciting and fun. They are still young. You’d be amazed at what they learn and how fast they learn just from playing.
Next is our Wednesday letter day!


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