The big 3 0

So today is my birthday. I’m a big 30 years old. I didn’t know how I would feel about this. If you asked me say 6 months ago, I would have been freaking out. Mostly of fear. Fear of what it means to be 30. Am I ready to be
Today, however, I’m ready to walk into the shoes of thirty.
While camping I had a conversation with my hubs about it. His question was

“Have you completed everything you wanted to by this age?”

Without too much hesitation I can say


Which is funny because if you asked me when I was 20 this would have not been what I wanted….. Now…. This is EXACTLY where I wanted to be.
I’m married to the man of my dreams, my best friend. My soulmate. I completed school and have my bachelor’s, I even found a career that I loved doing. I have a beautiful, smart, funny, loving 2 1/2 y/o son who brings me joy everyday. Who brought me to my true calling in life. I now drive a car that is not from the 90’s. (miss you Sherman) and I have a sweet little baby on the way who my son calls baby Duck. So yes I’m exactly where I want to be at thirty.
I feel strong, healthy most days. I feel wise, now that I have learned from my mistakes, and able to continue to learn. I feel like a sexy feisty woman. I’m happy with my skin/body, which took a while. I don’t feel like I’m searching for myself. I feel like I know who I am, and what I stand for. I’m confident in myself most days.
Yup thirty is right for me. I feel my age, and what a beautiful age it is.

On to 40!!! Which hopefully should easier? Only thing left on that list is a place of my own and one more kid. I can do it…. Right?…..



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