5 weeks- 7 weeks

Sitting here crocheting you a blanket it’s not much now but I hope I’ll finish it before you get here.

It took me forever to complete your brother’s but hey first child, first time crocheting…
I’m listening to classical music. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Have the speaker to my pelvis. I know you have no ears yet but I thought maybe this will help your cells do what they gotta do.
what are we listening to?
The classical piece to Lord of the Rings. It was a great movie that I’m SURE you dad will show you. A bit too long for me, but I do enjoy the orchestral side of it. mama is a Harry Potter girl

My phone bings.. It’s my pregnancy tracker… You’re five weeks! Tears swell in my eyes. I’m so in love with you already it scares me. So afraid that something could be wrong. And I want you so badly. I’m afraid to get too attached because you’re only 5 weeks. Still in the very scary zone. I mean until you are placed on my chest ill worry, but more so now. I hope you are ok.
Hehe your daddy is snoring beside me

And your brother is watching Thomas the Train. You will learn about him soon enough.
I hope your brother is sleeping.
Anywho I love you sweet one. Keep growing, and stay healthy and strong!


6 weeks:
So glad to be this far, but damn!!! The morning sickness is HERE!! I was not this sick with lil one. Nausea yeah, but this is horrid! I’m throwing up nauseated all the time. NO BUENO! This is a girl! Causing all this trouble. Oh and the exhaustion!!! I could seriously sleep all day. I’m a lil nervous. It’s Monday and hubs goes back to work. He’s been taking care of me so wonderful this weekend since I got hit with this, and now it will be me and lil one. When will I nap? And what happens when I feel so bad I can’t move and lil one wants to do things? I’m worried. And I can’t even ask y’all for help cause no one knows except dr, hubs, lil one. Two weeks and if all is well (heart beat and all) we will be sharing. Until then ill be over here pretending to be normal. When did you share the news?

I swear this child hates me! The sickness is horrible!!! What the heck did I know with the first? Ill do that 1st trimester again…. Minus the kidney stones… But goodness woke me up last night I felt so bad, and it feels like ill be doing this again tonight. I swear this is gotta be a girl. Lil one didn’t put me through this. And food…. I’m hungry and craving things like steak, pickles… But as soon as the plate is in front of me… It’s a no go. And to prepare the food.. Man oh man. A good chef ALWAYS tastes their food, how am I going to do that when tasting makes me run to the bathroom??

It is 2:45am and I want to sleep. Lil one is sleep hubs is sleep and I’m EXHAUSTED! Why am I still up you ask? Because mean girl (I really think its a girl) won’t let me. What could something the size of a seed possibly be doing? Making me sick as a dog. I’m so nauseous it’s not funny. And when I try to puke I get nothing. Miss thang mama wants sleep. Please…

Happy 7 weeks my sweet baby. Mama loves you so much even when you are making her sick

I think the worst part is not being able to talk to anyone. Because no one knows. My hubs just don’t get it. I’m so exhausted! Growing a baby is not easy. And I’m taking care of a 2 1/2 year old. I need an hour nap and he just don’t get it. Ugh

It’s hot man!! When I did this before I didn’t have my first trimester in the summer. The heat ain’t no joke. And as much as I HATE water, it’s became my best friend. So it seems that when ever I’m pregnant I hurt myself. With lil one it was both knees, now with this one I’ve managed to break some toes. Shaking my head!


Tomorrow is the big day to see your heart beat. I’m so excited/nervous i don’t think I’ll sleep tonight. I hope all is well in there. I’m guessing it is with all this nausea, but well you’ll soon realize that mommy is one who always is waiting for the next shoe to fall. I love you my sweet see you tomorrow.


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