10 weeks

Happy 10 weeks baby duck!! We are in the thick of it. We got to see you, and hear your heart beat. I think that’s when it hit your brother that you were real.
Everything looked fine, and your heart beat was 152…. Your brother’s was in the 150-160… Just saying.
We told everyone about you. It’s funny because my twitter and my friends seemed more excited. I guess cause you’re the second? It’s ok cause mommy and daddy and big bro are very excited for you.
You are growing I know that much. I have to pee 3-4 times in the middle of the night. I’m sick as a dog. Got some meds from the doc that she was super excited about. They came for Canada (I love Canada!) they are a class A med which nothing is besides Tylonal. And dude are they expensive! Those things are $600/100 pills. Thank the lord for insurance and my docs coupon. They help… A little, I’m not puking anymore, but I still feel sick to my stomach all day. The only thing that seems to help is…..
Wait for it

Gum, yes you heard that right gum. Do u know how much I despise chewing gum? I feel like a dang horse… well these days I feel like a cow I’m so bloated but gum in the morning til night is me. The things I do cause I love you that much already.

Let me tell you my sweet, you are gonna be the end of my figure. I’m gonna have to do some really good Zumba once you are born. All you want me to do is eat. Pickles YUM! Ice cream, ehh and chocolate ick!! I hate that stuff but you seem to love it! When I try to eat my healthy food that I miss so much I get so sick. So sick. You are killing me you know that?
It’s ok, cause ill do whatever you want me to do, as long as you are growing, and are strong, and healthy, that’s all this mama wants. I can’t wait til I can feel you. That will be the best…, one of the best days. I love you my lil duck. Keep doing what you are doing, ill be seeing you soon.

12 week ultra sound!


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