Sit back and relax

One I just want to start off by saying, dang people are too darn impatient! Slow down, enjoy life. It passes by SO fast!
This month has been busy for my family. We are in the process of moving. To make a long story short we are moving into SIL’s old home. She’s been trying to sell for two years now (priced WAY to high for the market, and she wanted what she paid. She brought it in 2006. And even then I said she spent too much) anywho we tried to rent it from her in the past but she’s too much of a dumb ass and it didn’t work out. Needless to say MIL stepped in and we are now renting through MIL.
The house was suppose to be cleaned out…. Haha funny right. No, cleaned out to her I guess meant stuff everything into closets, cabinets, and the garage. Ugh. Hubs and I have been piling her crap in a room to be picked up, and since she is trifelin, we have been cleaning also. Top that off with packing up our home and, a two in a half year old. I’ve been working hard. Well yesterday I think I finally did it. Tried to take a huge pile of clothes to clothes mentor (they are a joke I don’t recommend) then trying to take lil one to the zoo only to get there and then turn around and have to Run back to the car because of a severe thunderstorm came, my body said ENOUGH!
Yes, I do agree with feminist who say I’m pregnant not sick. Don’t treat me like I have a disease. I agree. But to that same extent you aren’t your normal self. You CAN’T do all the things you did before. You do have to take a breather. Sit down stop moving. Which I am finding hard to do. I want to be moving and even now as lil one plays at the park it’s really hard not to play with him. But with the lil bit of cramping I’m having (no spotting) I know for me and baby’s health I need to take it easy. So all of today there will be no lifting, packing, running. Just a simple mosey will do.
How do you take it easy?


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