Saying Good Bye

take a bow

What a wonderful song!!! If you look back in my past posts you will remember me trying to figure out how to forgive someone. forgiveness I really struggled with that. And felt really bad that I couldn’t fully commit to it.

Well trust your gut!! That person has struck again. Just when I start to give her the benefit of the doubt she goes and shows her ugly head! And though I never loved her, I did have hopes that one day we could become friends…. Ain’t gonna happen.

So we have come to the point of the story where she has to be cut. no not with a knife, I know I’m black and all and will cut a bitch cut from my life. I’ve only done that with two other people and well it’s her turn now. I can’t deal with her anymore. She brings nothing but bad to my life and to my family. I have given her too much time. Let her slide too many times and you know what? I’m done. Officially done. Hope for her is gone. i truly truly understand that she will never change, nor does she wish to ever change. Those around her (her mother, boyfriends, and yes even sometimes my hubs) let her get away with things, so she thinks what she does isn’t wrong. Not this girl, i don’t think so. I wish her nothing but the best with her man. Hope all works out but that’s it for me. She will no longer have my thoughts or my worries. Good bye! Won’t be seeing you later, take a bow, the end!


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